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We pride ourselves in being able to offer the customer a fixed price contract, to avoid any 'grey areas' and to state exactly in detail and in writing, what the work will include and at a guaranteed fixed price. *

A fixed cost contract gives the customer 'peace of mind' in knowing what is included in the contract, such as details of materials & labour to be supplied- and the exact cost of the works to be carried out by the company.

*In some cases it may not be possible to offer the customer a fixed cost contract, in certain cases where unseen and hidden additional work may be required, for example - such as excavating and installing foundations, where it is not possible to assess the type of ground or the stability of the ground and the depth of the excavation required to install suitable foundations, until the excavation work has commenced.

* Obviously anything additional to the agreed contract would be chargeable separately to the agreed contract - unless agreed in writing by both company & customer.

A copy of our template contract and terms of business can be viewed below:

Mr Lee C Parsons
ParsonsBuilders Ltd

2 - 5 Morris Hall Cottages Norham, Berwick upon Tweed
Northumberland, TD
15 2JY

Mobile: 07515 102 838

Customer’s Name







                                           Post Code



Email Address


Schedule of work
Description of work to be carried out and materials supplied





















Other work/instructions





           Contract Price

Total Price




Stage Payment


Stage Payment


Balance Due


I/ We The Customer agree to the schedule of work as described and at the agreed price as stated on this Contract.
I/We The Customer have read and fully understand and agree with the Terms & Conditions of The Contract, listed overleaf.
Date:             /              /

Terms & Conditions of Contract

The Company - ParsonsBuilders Ltd to whom all payments become due for goods and services provided.
The Customer – The Purchaser, The Individual, Firm, Partnership or Limited Company, from whom an order has been accepted, who’s exact details are stated and signed overleaf.

The Customer agrees to purchase from The Company, the products and services stated on The Contract and no variations to contract will be allowed unless both The Customer and The Company agree in Writing to the variations. Any subsequent changes requested by the Purchaser may incur an additional charge, at The Company’s sole discretion.

1. The Customer agrees to allow The Company to carry out the work 8am -6pm, Monday- Friday until payment is received in full as per contract. In the event that The Customer refuses or fails to allow The Company to complete the work, subsequent to The Customer receiving a formal request in writing from The Company, requesting access to complete the work within 28 days from the date of the request, then on expiry of the 28 day request notice period, The Company reserves the right to cancel this contract and retain all deposits and sums of money paid to it by The Customer. In the event that The Customer fails to allow The Company to complete the contract, then The Company will not be liable for any fees, payments or costs incurred by The Customer or any third parties employed by the customer to complete the contract.

2. It is The Customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that any relevant Planning approval, listed building consents and any other relevant approvals are complied with prior to the commencement of the work stated on the contract. The Company cannot be held responsible in the event that The Customer has failed in their obligation.

3. The Company reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time, prior to commencement of the contracted works, without ascribing any reason and in that event, The Customer will receive a full refund of any deposit or monies paid to The Company.

4. Time is not of the essence of this contract unless clearly stated in writing on the contract and agreed by The Customer and The Company.

5. All goods & materials must be inspected by The Customer before being signed for and any damages must be signed as such. Goods & materials not correctly signed for may not be eligible for compensation, return or refund. The packaging is part of the delivery and The Customer is responsible for its removal. Damages must be reported within 48 hours of the signed for date.

6. Specifications for goods and materials may vary from those shown in the sale’s brochures.

7. Liability:
The Company is not liable for any loss or delays arising from circumstances beyond their control, including but not limited to, failure by its own suppliers to deliver on time, goods that become damaged in transit or goods that have to be replaced for any reason.

8. Guarantee:
The guarantee only comes into effect when The Company has received full payment from The Customer and there are no outstanding sums due to The Company. It will not always be possible to have perfect colour matches of stonework such as flags, dressed stone, since it is a natural organic product. This guarantee is not transferable. All mechanical & electrical fittings are covered under the individual Manufacturers warrantee. All Manufacturers warranties must be registered with the Manufacturer within 1 month post delivery/installation.

This contract is written and agreed in conformity with English Law. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects the Purchaser’s statutory rights.

All goods remain the property of The Company until payment has been received in full and has cleared the banking process.

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